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World Reaction 
The Election of Pope Pius XIII

Love & Hatred

While Catholics world-wide rejoice and offer their thanks to Almighty God for restoring the papacy to the Catholic Church, there are many in the world who sneer, ridicule, laugh, and mock the new pope and the newly restored Catholic Church. 

Catholics can only pray for these and ask God to help them see the truth.   We ask that you say a prayer for the Pope. 

In His Holiness' search for validly-ordained clergy, there have been some who came forward, gave obedience, and then were tempted by the devil and either returned to their previous ways, or simply dropped out.   

The most amazing thing is the reaction of the youth of the world.  It appears many of our young people who weren't even around when Vatican II ran its course, disillusioned with the false Novus Ordo religion and the heresies of its anti-popes, have started asking the right questions.  They are getting the answers they seek, answers from traditional Catholic teaching.  They are giving their "Profession of Faith" and joining the true Catholic Church, outside of which there is no salvation.  Yes, God works in mysterious ways.
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