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His Holiness Pope Pius XIII
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Speeches of Pope Pius XIII 
July 2, 1999 
On the Unity of the Church (1:00, 162 KB)
On the Papal Election of 1998 (54 sec, 144 KB)


Episcopal Consecration of Pope Pius XIII 
      during a concelebrated Mass offered by Cardinal Bateman and Pius XIII 
Kalispell, Montana, USA 
July 4, 1999 
The Duties of a Bishop  (12 sec, 35 KB)
Litany of the Saints (9 sec, 30 KB)
Imposition of the Hands (7 sec, 26 KB)
Annointing of the Head (12 sec, 36 KB)
Preface of the Mass (20 sec, 58 KB)
Receive the Pastoral Staff (6 sec, 16 KB)
Consecration of the Sacred Host (20 sec, 58 KB)
Domine Non Sum Dignus (11 sec, 31 KB)
Communion of the Faithful (14 sec, 38 KB)
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