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“Habemus Papam” 
Announcement of the Election 
His Holiness Pope Pius XIII 
October 24, 1998
Latin English
Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum. Habemus Papam. 

Reverendissimum Patrem Lucianum Pulvermacher, OFM Cap., 

Sanctae Catholicae Ecclesiae Presbyterem 

Qui sibi accipit nomen Pium XIII.

I announce to you a great joy.  We have a Pope. 

The most reverend Father Lucian Pulvermacher, OFM Cap., 

Priest of the Holy Catholic Church 

(Born April 20, 1918 and ordained a priest on June 5, 1946) 

Who takes to himself the name 
Pius XIII.

With these words in Latin and English, the Catholic Church announced to the world the election of the new pope, Pope Pius XIII.  After 40 years of the Holy See being vacant, the Church now has a true pope, the successor to the last pope, Pius XII, who died October 9, 1958. 

Fr. Pulvermacher was elected on the 1st ballot having received the necessary 2/3 (plus 1) vote from the College of Electors, the worldwide body with the authority and duty to elect the pope.  Fr. Pulvermacher accepted the papacy at 1:20 PM, US Mountain Time on October 24, 1998.  The pope gave his first Apostolic blessing to the city and the world immediately after his ascension to the Chair of St. Peter. 

At the very moment that Fr. Pulvermacher accepted the election, he became the Supreme Pontiff of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, with the full power of the Vicar of Christ.  

Catholics around the world rejoiced and proclaimed the traditional words of devotion, Long Live the Pope!and words of thanks to God for restoring the papacy, Deo Gratias! 
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