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status; unknown, under investigation, by tcc IHM council.           post marked 5-15-2010                                 

Thus this is of one of the true Church Holy and Mystical divine mystery's, believed to be by the tcc laity, of the true Catholic Church, at this current time in history and these same events.    Status; to be logged recorded of with other facts of not only the' Father Lucian Pulvermacher of a Pope Pius XIII, ' Peter II, tcc, as he did taken of the name of Lucian as his second name. But also his counterpart of "Lucian of Antioch" from the very 1st General Council of the true Church Herself.  "- READ -". see also the Cathen .   St Peter, did reside in Antioch fact.   Fact is, many of the true Popes did not reside in Rome, Including the very 1st, St Peter yes, - but were in fact, - persecuted out of by the pagans of cesar goverment enviroments, very many many times yes.  The name Lucian, has a list of martyrdom behind it, and is long to list.

IHM council notes; & specifys, that this peice was not known of by the Pius XIII pope,  and while he was in holding office of the papal position chair.  Daniel, brought this to the attention of the true Church after the death of the pope. Problems with emails did not alow transfers of this document, via the internet, a very torn system. AS it is, the true status unknown, of a authentic publisher date,    Thus at this point in time, the index mark would have to be a very old valid, and from an old book of the index pages, to even be excepted by the tcc as a valid index marked book.  Thus books on the index, have to be re validated and reviewed, towards truths as to what Pope Pius XIIIths decision was made, for he did not alow the church to know of some of the problems in the canon law, by no fault of his own, while he was still in the papal seat.   Thus today, according to the truths of the true history of the true Catholic Church,  the very same heresy and apostasy still exists in and along the very same lines as in the Arian time heresys, of and this is about ncluding the "Lucian of Antioch" at the time of the Arian schisms inside the Church. Once again Thus this was the time of the original writtings of the trueCatholic Church Creed yes.    Pagans, do not go to heaven.   Fact.   Document is under investigation by IHM council once again for authenticity of the name Lucian.   Preceeding other important prior investigation of the very same council.  For the future election of the Roman Pontiff to take place.  See election status pages for work sheet set to join the IHM council. 




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