Suction Cups for Vacuum Lifting – Advanced Material Handling Techniques

Material handling is always a challenging function within factories, warehouses and other work places where brittle items like glass are used. Glass in any form, especially, in the form of large plates or panes, is not only brittle but can injure the persons handling it also, if not handled with care. The best way is to use the vacuum technology to handle glass. One mechanism that helps pick and move glass sheets, within a short area is the use of vacuum suction cups. Some more details on this mechanism are being described here.

Cups Made from Special Materials

If you have had the chance to see how glass sheets are handled by the worker who fits the windows in residential complexes, you will know. The worker would have an arrangement around the hand, which would facilitate the glass window panes being lifted from their horizontal layer one after another and fitted on the window frame. The very same technology is used in lifting larger glass sheets. The suction cups are normally fitted at the end of the vacuum tubing. The suction cups are placed on the surface of the glass, and the power switched on; the cups would immediately assume a lifting position from being flat earlier and grip the glass sheet tightly. Now the operator can move the glass sheet easily to any other part of the facility, including for loading on to transport for shipping out. These cups have to be of high quality special rubber. They need to be very flexible but at the same time the edges of the cups have to be perfect to ensure the vacuum grip is absolute. Even a slight defect can prove damaging.

The glass handling equipment Australia shops sell incorporates a vacuum pump and the hose to be connected to the cup. When the cup is placed on the glass sheet and the vacuum is applied, you can watch the cup getting lifted and then eventually take the shape of a bell. Now depending upon the size of the glass sheet, the number of pads will be used. For the large sized sheets which are used in the construction industry, the vacuum sheet lifter could come with 4 suction cups.

Lifting Equipment Very Useful

The type of vacuum lifting equipment that you will need in your facility will depend upon the kind of material that will need lifting. The overall concept of all these various equipment remains the same. Use vacuum created on the surface of an object to lift the object and use the attached machinery like a hoist or other material handling equipment to move the object within the factory or warehouse or wherever.  See Millsom Materials Handling.

In the case of suction cups, the main usage is for lifting glass sheets. But there are several other applications where they are used. In fact, a manufacturer of these cups makes them in different shapes and sizes. You can find round and oval shaped cups. While the cups meant to lift glass would be of a particular spec, the ones used for lifting steel sheets would be different, and those meant to handle wood or other packaging would be a different variation. Visit today!

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