Kia Motors’ New Edition Carnival – Taking the Market by Storm

Kia Motors have distinguished themselves in the automobile sector, and in particular, in Australia, the car maker is quite popular, and their models get sold in large numbers across all states. As is mandatory in this business, new models and improvements have to be brought in with endless regularity to stay and expand the business. The new Kia Carnival Brisbane dealers sell has been launched recently, and is one such model that is creating waves across Queensland.

Carnival, the Latest with the Improvements across the Board

 Every car maker has to keep pace with the competition, and with every new launch, the customers expect newer technologies, designs and other features. Kia Motors had already made such changes with their different models, and the Carnival range is one of the latest ones to be upgraded. Let us see what all changes have been brought about in the new Kia Carnival.

To start with, the car maker has brought about a minor reduction of about 15mm in the length and 20mm in the height of the car. The car’s appearance on its side and the shaping towards the rear have actually made the Carnival look stunning to the onlooker.

Lot of Changes Made to the Interior

Being an 8 seater passenger vehicle, the interiors of the brand new Kia Carnival have been given a thorough makeover leaving the previous version miles behind. The seats are not only comfortable, but getting in and out have also been made easier. And what’s more, you can move your whole family on a holiday with all the luggage thrown in and still not feel cramped. In addition, those who purchase Kia Carnival’s latest models will be pleasantly surprised to see the number of provisions the car maker has thoughtfully added to the car’s insides, especially in the back row seats. These include USB ports, 12V sockets and heating/cooling vents. Further, the cup and bottle holders, glove boxes and hooks to hang your shopping/hand bags all make the passengers feel comfortable and safe inside the new Kia Carnival Brisbane.

Four Variants and All with Automatic Transmission

The new Kia Carnival Brisbane dealers sell today are being made available in four variants S, Si, SLi and Platinum. All these come with automatic transmission, and all are petrol models. As mentioned, all four models sport the standard six-speed automatic transmission system, which aids the smooth handling of the vehicle by even the amateur driver. Under the hood, is a power packed 3.3-litre GDI (gasoline direct injection) engine, and its output is rated at 206kW/336Nm.  Experts have test driven the car and have written rave reviews about the Carnival’s latest edition and this covers, the ride quality, driver and passenger comfort and most of the technical aspects like pickup, torque, braking and so on. The new range of Kia Carnival cars is made to suit the Australian conditions and when you buy a new Kia Carnival Brisbane dealers offer, you can feel secure that you are riding one of the latest automobiles on the road. The prices of the new version cars range from $41490 for the S to $59,990 for the Platinum; these are in Australian Dollars, and the on road costs will have to be added. You may get some launch offers as well from the dealer.

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